3,4,5,6 and 10,11,12,13 October 2023

Belli Tereya bela is a thrilling, suspense drama, set in the city of dreams, Mumbai. 
Bela, alias Ujjwala Shastri takes us through her journey from a village named Meraj in Maharashtra to her ways of survival in Mumbai. 

This drama also encapsulates the interpersonal relationship between two sisters, one sister who has grown up being envious of the other, competing with her elder sister Bela for everything.
Bela is now a big star and a popular name in the bollywood industry. She has gone through a lot of struggles in last 8 years and learnt the ground realities, the hard way. 

Scenewise synopsis below : 
Scene 1 - Younger sister, Shyamala Shastri visits detective Ram Gopal Verma, in search of her elder sister, Ujjawala. 

Scene 2 - Shetty, lover of Bela visits Urvashi Bar in search of her. Parallelly, multiple other characters like Shabnam, Gajya, Hema and other prostitutes add on to the storyline. Ram Verma also meets them.

Scene 3 - Shetty murders Iqbal, inside the Urvashi bar in front of Ram Verma and many others. Shetty suspects Iqbal, to have known where bela is. 

Scene 4 - Ram visits Sooji Ranga to gather more inputs. Late husband of Sooji Ranga(ex-owner of Urvashi bar) had an extra marital affair with Bela, when he was alive.

Scene 5 - Bela is in Chandan Raj Anand's(big hero, producer in Bollywood) house to get the "contract". 

Scene 6 - During an ongoing conversation between Gajya and Hema, Pamela Wilson also comes outside Urvashi bar. Few secrets reveal during this conversation. 

Scene 7 - Chandan Raj Anand, with her manager Tikku and new heroine Chanda visit the police station. Other characters like Gajya, Hema are already arrested in the jail. An interesting conversation happens there. 

Scene 8 - Bela visits Ram Verma's  office to help protect her sister. Chandan Raj's men Tikku and Samba, reach there. 

Scene 9 - Shabnam, hema, Saira bano are discussing Shabnam's heartbreak. At the same time, Shetty kills Govardhan Hajela, seemingly kidnapper of Bela. Ram Verma helps Shetty escape from police. 

Scene 10 - In Chandan Raj Anand's house, Pamela and Gajya come to blackmail him. But many things go down south in this scene. 

Scene 11 - In the funeral ceremony of Shyamala Shastri, Ram brings Shetty to meet Bela. Chandan also reaches there who is later murdered by her true lover, Shetty. 

With such an interesting plot and suspense getting revealed fold by fold, this play is a fun and entertaining watch...